A History of Northwestern Arizona
Written by
Illustrations by

From prehistoric Indians through the coming of the pioneers, soldiers, miners, railroads, ranchers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, storekeepers, politicians..........

Paperback, 214pp., 1991, ISBN: 0963012509


American Presidents and First Ladies

Musings and Meanderings

4 Wheel Drive Roads of La Paz and Yuma Counties, Arizona

A Biography of an Arizona Cowboy
Written by
Grace Neal

The span of Leonard's lifetime embraced a period of extraordinary change, and much of what he lived will never be seen again. As a four-week-old baby he had to be packed in on the back of a horse over rough mountain trails to his remote home at Burro Creek Ranch, yet he lived to travel the world by jet plane and watch men walk on the moon.

Paperback, 338 pp., 1992, ISBN: 0963012525


Images of America

Kingman, county seat of Mohave County in northwestern Arizona, owes its beginning and subsequent prosperity to the building of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad in 1882. The city was named for the project's chief engineer, Lewis Kingman. The initial railroad siding quickly became a supply center for mining and ranching operations that dotted the beautiful surrounding valleys and mountain ranges. Through the years, Kingman has been at the crossroads of rail, highway, and air transportation routes. Today Kingman is the "Heart of Historic U.S. Route 66" and is located in the middle of the longest remaining stretch of the "Mother Road," making it a must-see destination for thousands of tourists each year.

Paperback, 45 pp., 2008


Route 66 Backroads


The History of Kingman Elks Lodge 468 - 1899 to 2011

The History of Mohave County to 1912

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Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies
Compiled by​: Mohave Museum of History and Arts Volunteers

Brief biographies of the Presidents and First Ladies with historical time-lines of Arizona during their terms of office. The oil portraits were created by Lawrence Williams as a tribute to the history of the United States of America and are on exhibit at the Mohave Museum of History and Arts.

Paperback, 45 pp., 2008


Frontier & Pioneer Life in Mohave County Arizona
Written by
Irene Cornwall Cofer

A descendant of the ill-fated Donner Party, was born in 1891, near the present crossroad village of Wickieup, Arizona, the third of six children born to pioneers Ad and Jennie Lee Cornwall. Motherless at age seven, she and her sister, Amy, cared for three brothers and sustained the household of their father who never remarried.

Paperback, 210 pp., 1969, Library of Congress catalog #77-76268



Written by: Mohave Museum Of History and Arts Volunteers

Your Guide to Scenic Side Trips & Adventures from the Mother Road
Written by​
Jim Hinckley

A unique look at this iconic highway, providing a portal to a wide array of adventures, historic sites, and scenic wonders on as well as off the Mother Road. Photographs by Kerrick James, Rick Bowers and Nora Bowers, as well as historic photos from the author's collection enliven the concise, informative text with colorful vibrancy.

Paperback, 208 pp, 2008, ISBN: 978-0-7603-2817-0


A Collection of Original Down Home Poetry
Written by
Owen Riley Finch

In mid-August 1996, Owen attended the ninth annual "Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering" in Prescott, Arizona as a spectator and participant in a few "free gathering" sessions. In 1997 and again in 1998, he was invited to attend as a Program Poet.

Paperback, 65 pp., 1998 


Portraits of Nature

That Cowboy From Burro Creek

Detailed Logs and Maps
Written by​
Luis & Paula Vega

We wrote this book to add to your enjoyment of the 4 wheel drive (4WD) roads of Arizona's La Paz and Yuma Counties, but it contains enough variety of driving difficulty and terrain for it to be enjoyable to the novice and experienced alike. We encourage you to use it as a starting point to explore the many scenic areas of these two counties.

Most routes listed require a vehicle capable of traveling rough un-maintained dirt roads, such as a 4WD, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or dirt motorcycle. Some of the roads are also suitable for horseback riding and mountain biking.

Paperback, 131 pp, 2009


The perfect desert identification book for all ages
Roy Purcell

Nature's art gallery is the living desert. In this book we find the elements that make up this scenic vista - the Mohave Desert. The artwork of Roy Purcell brings to our enjoyment this spectacle of nature, from the birds that soar to the smallest of creatures.

Paperback, 200 pp, 2001


A compilation of the Kingman Elks Lodge's first 100 years  The journey takes the reader from their humble beginnings as a fledgling new lodge in the Arizona Territory into the 21st century and over 112 years of service to the City of Kingman.  This locally published book contains many Kingman Elks Lodge historic documents, Mohave County Miner and Kingman Daily Miner newspaper articles, and over 480 photographs.

Paperback, 155 pp., 2012


the lunch tree

Your 15 Great Hikes in Mohave County Arizona
Written by​
Luis & Paula Vega

Long time Arizona residents, we came to Kingman in 1976. While we had "regular jobs" back then, the outdoors had always been a part of our lives - from camping, camping, hunting, fishing, prospecting, 4 wheeling and hiking, we were always ready to go. More recently, as the authors of three 4 wheel drive guide books for Arizona, the first one for Mohave County, the jump to a hiking book was a natural - another opportunity to describe the natural beauty that is all around us.

This book attempts to share information we hope will make your hikes more interesting by pointing out some of the wonders you'll see along the trails. Because there's so much to see and write about in the area, we had a hard time keeping the book short.

Paperback, pp, 62