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Fulgurite is a naturally occurring “glass” formed when sand, rock, or soil is struck by lightning.  At 1800 degrees Celsius or 3272 Fahrenheit, the lightning strike melts and fuses everything in its path.  Most lightning strikes have a temperature of 2500 Celsius or 4532 Fahrenheit.

Despite the fact that there are over one million lightning strikes every day, fulgurite is quite rare.  Most people have never seen a fulgurite speciman, and many that have probably did not realize what it was at the time. 

Fulgurite usually occur beneath the surface of the sand and their shape reflects the path the lightning takes as it moves into and through the ground.  Their size is based on the strength of the lightning and the thickness of the sand bed.  Though the fulgurite may seem strong and rock like it can be quite fragile which contributes to its rarity.

Although most collectors seek out fulgurite for its rarity and uniqueness, some people believe the “lightning stones” hold magical abilities to help focus divine energy, enhance creativity, or heal various illnesses.

Although fulgurite is formed all over the world, the fulgurite at the Museum was found here in Mohave County, Arizona.  From the early 1800's to the present Mohave County has been and continues to be a very busy and profitable mining area.  The wealth and variety of rock, sand and minerals in Mohave County allow for a wide variety in color and textures in our fulgurite.

The Mohave Museum is offering these unique specimens at $.10 per gram plus applicable tax.  Museum member discounts as well as seasonal discounts apply.  The weight in grams is included on the information card in each image.  The weight in ounces is also included strictly for your information.

Fulgurite makes a special and unique gift not only for the mineral collector but everyone on your list for any occasion. 

Stop by the Museum gift shop Tuesday through Saturday 9am until 3:30 pm or make your purchase by phone at 928-753-3195.

We are regularly adding new specimens so check back here on our website or stop by the museum to see what's available.   There is a nice display in the main gallery of the Museum also.  Display pieces are currently being offered for purchase.

Mohave County Fulgurite


“Petrified Lightning”