Here is the promised list of "still missing" issues from our

Arizona Highways Magazine collection.

These are the individual copies we do not have in our collection:

1925-1933          All (9 years)
1934                   January to July, September to December
1935                   All
1936                   All but January & May
1937                   All
1938                   January to June, August to December
1939                   January to May & December
1940                   February, March, June & August
1941                   May
1943                   November
1944                   January to July, October & December
1945                   January to May & July
1946                   September & November
1948                   March
1949                   February to July, September, October & December
1950                   January to March, April to July & December
1951                   August & December
1952                   January, March & July
1956                   April & August
1960                   February
1966                  January to June, September & November (call first)
1971                  June
1977                  June

We are pleased that we have every issue

from 1978 through 2018, so far!

If you have and wish to donate any of these missing issues, please contact Cathy at the Museum Library (Wed or Thur)


for further information.

Thank you

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